11 overwhelming Mr Bean memes about classical music

6 August 2020, 09:40

By Kyle Macdonald

The many faces and forms of Rowan Atkinson’s beloved character, each teaching all of us a little about classical music.

The loveably hapless eccentric Mr Bean has delighted us on our screens for decades. We’ve collected a few of our favourite classically-tinged Bean memes that we thought you might like.

And expect a honorary appearance from Atkinson’s other beloved character, Edmund Blackadder.

A caricature artist has inserted Mr Bean’s face into great paintings >

  1. The truth about the history of classical music

  2. G♯ minor

  3. Could have Bean that soprano...

    Mona Lisa and Bean
    Picture: Rodney Pike
  4. Rest

    Picture: Mr Bean Movie
  5. Look behind you...

    Da Capo
    Da Capo. Picture: Mr Bean
  6. Maroon 5 or Pachelbel?

    Context, if required

  7. *nervously flaps arms*

    Conducting. Picture: Facebook / Music Geeks
  8. Loud brass

  9. The truest Bean meme

    Olympics 2012
    London Olympics 2012. Picture: AyumiMimiko
  10. No solos, thank you

  11. Beethoven 9, but you’ve lost the sheet music

    This is just complete genius. Thank you for the laughs, Mr Atkinson.