21 classical music memes that will distract you from practising

25 September 2019, 16:45 | Updated: 25 September 2019, 18:26

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Only been in the practice room for seven minutes and you’re already flagging? Let us provide you with a welcome distraction, in the form of high-calibre-only music memes.

These classical music memes will take you away from the dark four walls of your practice room, and into a realm of laughter, joy and tumblr rabbit holes.

  1. A truer word was never spoken.

    Picture: Karl Hess/Twitter
  2. Music school < tumblr

    Music theory
    Picture: @musicmemes.for.supertonicteens
  3. So many feels.

    Being an artist
    Picture: Social media
  4. I actually don’t deserve this life

    Listening to the radio
    Picture: Social media
  5. 10-year profile pic challenge

    10-year profile pic challenge.
    Picture: Classic FM
  6. We come as a pair.

    Picture: Social media
  7. Knew I’d seen it somewhere before

    Sydney Opera House
    Picture: yourcodenameis-michael
  8. Practice is pain

    Play how you feel
    Picture: Amanda/Twitter
  9. This is 100% evil

    How to scare a musician
    Picture: classical-crap
  10. Too much realness

    College scholarships
    Picture: @fluteandpicc
  11. *brain explodes*

  12. Fake news, mum

    Flutes vs recorders
    Picture: KhánhQuỳnh Nguyễn
  13. Awks.

    DJs aren't real musicians
    Picture: Social media
  14. *tips hat*

    Swaying body
    Picture: @bandkidspointofview
  15. Well would you look at that, it’s time for lunch

    Should be practising
    Picture: rebellious-cello
  16. Marie Kondo knows.

    Marie Kondo
    Picture: @realmusiciansonly
  17. Can strongly relate

    5 things everyone hates
    Picture: Classic FM
  18. *googles hand enlargement surgery*

    Playing Rachmaninov preludes
    Picture: Classic FM
  19. Bach is the man.

    Copying Bach
    Picture: Social media
  20. Poor violas.

    Poor violas
    Picture: Social media
  21. DYING.