Star Wars without John Williams' score shows just how important music is to movies

17 February 2017, 16:40

silent star wars

A video that shows the final scene from Star Wars Episode IV without John Williams' iconic musical score displays just how important soundtracks can be.

The video, which shows the final scene from the 1977 sci-fi classic, has been cleansed of Williams' famous music and dubbed with embarrassingly minimalist sound effects.

Without the John Williams fanfare, the scene becomes a thoroughly weird and awkward series of facial expressions, silences and muted audience reactions. 

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If there was any doubt about the importance of a good film soundtrack and especially the power of John Williams, it's laid to rest with this slice of awkwardness:

Williams is confirmed to return as composer for the new Star Wars trilogy, the second instalment of which is currently filming and scheduled for release in December 2017.