Star Wars soundtracked by Holst's 'Mars, the bringer of War' is actually incredible

8 March 2019, 13:32

star wars holst

One of the great sci-fi sagas, soundtracked by one of the great orchestral evocations of space - it really, really works.

Think Star Wars, and you normally think John Williams, right? Well, reverse your thought process, Star Wars fan.

Someone with exceptional vision and editing skills (Vimeo user Steven Caraher) has matched up the music of Gustav Holst, specifically from movements of his Planets Suite, with the opening section of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Don’t get us wrong - it’ll always be John Williams for us - but you have to admit that this really, really works:

Star Wars - Scored with Holst's The Planets [Opening Scene] from Steven Caraher on Vimeo.