5 magical cover versions of the Harry Potter theme

5 March 2017, 09:54

John Williams' music for the Harry Potter movies has become iconic - but who would've thought the main theme would inspire some of the craziest cover versions of all time?

Metal version

This smug fellow with a Ghostbusters T-shirt really does turn John Williams's iconic score into something quite surprising. Keep an ear out for the absolutely insane double bass drum pedals at 3:09. And just look at his fingers!


Creepy a cappella version

Overboard are a Boston-based bunch of nerds who derive great pleasure in making their voices sound like instruments. It's very clever, but a mite unsettling. 


Evil twin harp version

Right, it's impossible to know for sure what's going on here, but from what we can gather, these two spend most of their time running around abandoned buildings while smiling a lot. And playing Harry Potter on the harp. 


Virtuosic piano version

In what appears to be the set of Phantom Of The Opera, pianist Jarrod Radnich has notched up millions of views with this inspired piano reduction of John Williams's score. Look out for how he turns all the widdly string parts into piano glissandi. The wag.


Dubstep version

Hogwarts becomes HogWOMP (sorry) for this batty re-imagining of Williams's original. Wonder if, when he was sitting down to write the theme by hand in his luxurious composing studio, Williams thought to himself: "I literally cannot WAIT for someone to play this in a Dalston warehouse."