Louis Lortie plays Chopin, Vol.3

Great Romantic piano music played with sensitivity and style. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 31 March 2014.

When Louis Lortie released his second volume of piano music by Chopin, Pianist magazine declared, 'his selected nocturnes are probably not bettered by any living pianist.' The good news is volume three is just as impressive.

Throughout the series, Lortie's guiding principle has been to emulate the recital practice of the great romantic pianists, who used to play a short improvisation before a major work in order to set the audience in the right frame of mind. On this album Lortie plays Chopin's four Impromptus and the Piano Sonata in B minor, introducing each with a Nocturne in the same or a related key.

This is a stunning and unique recording of some of Chopin’s most famous music, played with sensitivity and style by a truly great pianist.