Nobuyuki Tsujii: Thirteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition

Former gold competition winner, Nobuyuki Tsujii proves his award winning skills in this recording of major piano works

Composer: Chopin, Beethoven, Liszt, Musto
Repertoire: Piano Works 
Artists: Nobuyuki Tsujii (piano)
Rating:  4/5
Genre: Instrumental
Label: Harmonia Mundi HMU 907505

In only his second international competition, Nobuyuki Tsujii got gold. It’s also the first time an Asian pianist, blind from birth, has taken the honours at the prestigious Van Cliburn Competition to become an overnight superstar. Unsurprisingly, his record company have released his award-winning performance described as ‘breathtaking’ and ‘spellbinding’. You may hear a more emotive interpretation of Chopin’s études, but his Beethoven ‘Hammerklavier’ Sonata is involving and revealing in turns. This 20-year old, who learns new works by ear, has demonstrated he’s an exciting artistic talent.