Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony set to a Line Rider video works PERFECTLY

6 December 2018, 14:09 | Updated: 6 December 2018, 14:58

Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Show this to a musician and make their day…

The incredible musician and YouTuber Doodle Chaos has synched up yet another Line Rider video – this time, with Beethoven’s epic Symphony No. 5.

Line Rider is an Internet game that was created around 10 years ago. It revolves around the concept of drawing lines with your mouse, so that Bosh, the little boy on a sledge can ride on them.

In Doodle Chaos’ video, Bosh corresponds with instrument parts, coming in, dropping out and multiplying perfectly in time with Beethoven’s score.

Absolutely everything is drawn by hand, creating a painstaking synchronisation which visualises every exciting moment from the symphony’s first movement.

It’s deeply satisfying to watch.