This 90-year old couple play Bach together and it will bring tears to your eyes

28 June 2019, 17:25

What it sounds like when you play together for 70 years...

Right here: relationship goals.

Composer and pianist György Kurtág is one of the most important figures in music from the past 100 years. 

He has also played with his wife, Márta, another very accomplished pianist, for many years. 

This footage is taken from a live concert in Budapest and reveals the depth of their musical understanding.

The couple play transcriptions made by the composer of Bach's choral prelude Das alte Jahr vergangen ist BWV 614, his Duet BWV 804 and a movement from the Baroque composer's cantata Actus tragicus.

György was born in Romania in 1926, moved to Hungary in 1946 and married pianist Márta Kinsker in 1947. 

The two have duetted ever since.