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Bach's children

Q: How many children did J.S. Bach have? A: Loads. Here’s what we know.

nina simone plays bach

Nina Simone plays a stunning Bach-style fugue in the middle of one of her classic songs

Bach's Facebook page

If composers had Facebook: Johann Sebastian Bach's profile

Bach and wife Anna Magdalena

Did Bach’s wife write some of his best-known works?


A guide to JS Bach's incredible Passion music

bach prelude visualisation

This visualisation of a Bach prelude lets you see just how clever the piece really is

Bach B minor Mass Monteverdi Choir

Is this the most thrilling, joyous and uplifting three minutes of music ever written?

Craig Leon Bach to Moog

This guy plays Bach’s great orchestral works on a Moog and it actually sounds great

Muppet Bach

12 weird and wonderful Bach video parodies

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach - Chorales: a guide

Bach's grave

Bach's biography - late works and death (1744 - 1750)

Johann Sebastian Bach

Bach's biography: success in Leipzig (1723 - 1744)

Leopold, Prince of Anhalt-Köthen

Bach's biography: Prince Leopold's court in Cöthen (1717 - 1723)

Weimar town hall

Bach's biography: family in Weimar (1708 - 1717)