Lang Lang: The Chopin Album

15 October 2012, 14:44 | Updated: 1 May 2013, 16:09

Technical brilliance and polished playing from pianist Lang Lang, in his latest album of Chopin. Album of the Week, 15 October 2012

Chopin's masterful Etudes are packed full of character, charm, and technical challenges. And pianist Lang Lang has risen to those challenges in his new album of Chopin's solo piano music, including the Etudes, Nocturnes, and waltzes.

Lang Lang makes the most of the fluid musical lines, as even the most complex passages fall under his fingers with ease.  Every melodic voice in the music is plain to hear, and each Etude is clearly defined with its own personal character, from the delicate brilliance of No. 2 in F minor from the mischievous No. 9 in G flat major.

But Chopin's brilliance doesn't stop at the Etudes. Tracks like the calming Andante Spianato demonstrates Chopin's sensitive side once more, before launching into the triumphant Grande Polonaise, where Lang Lang skates effortlessly over the piano keys.

Chopin has played a key part in Lang Lang's career, since he launched the composer's 200-year anniversary in Poland. This album is a celebration of his music, marking Lang Lang's 30th birthday. It's a dazzling interpretation of some of the best piano works in the repertory, perfect as an introduction for beginners or a gem to add to any connoisseur's collection.