23 tiny Instagram pets who clearly think they’re classical musicians

17 April 2019, 10:08 | Updated: 17 April 2019, 10:45

By Helena Asprou

From piano-playing parrots to dogs on the drums, here are some of our favourite musical pets on Instagram right now...

  1. A cat's version of Yiruma's 'River Flows In You'

  2. Tommy Emmanuel eat your heart out

  3. This kitty can't resist the mic...

  4. And now for the solo...

  5. It's a hard life being a rock n' roll rabbit...

  6. Furry carollers sing 'Deck the Halls'

  7. Harry Potter hamster

  8. Wait for it...

  9. This cool cat is all about the sax

  10. Doggy drum kit

  11. Living that guinea pig life

  12. Froggy mandolin player in the making

  13. Doggy ballad, anyone?

  14. Totally enchanted feline

  15. Don't interrupt us when we rehearse!

  16. Inspired by Vivaldi

  17. Could this pig be the next Bach?

  18. “Screamy wonder”

  19. Einaudi in cat form

  20. This yorkie can't get enough of the strings...

  21. Perfectly in time, of course

  22. Fancy fingerwork

  23. PizziCATo.