How many John Williams movies can you name?

29 May 2018, 13:40 | Updated: 29 May 2018, 15:23

By Lizzie Davis

John Williams wrote soundtracks for over 100 films – how many of them can you name? WARNING: it’s much harder than you think… 

The legendary film composer wrote the music for over 100 films (for the purposes of this quiz we’re not including TV series and TV movies – Nightmare in Chicago, anyone?).

His soundtracks are some of the most famous ever written. So, with ten minutes on the clock, how many can you recall?

Take the quiz 

How to play: Click the green play button and type your guesses in the text box that appears above the grid. 

If you guess correctly the film name will appear in the grid below. (nb this quiz is best played on desktop).

The letters in the 'hint' column are the first letters of each word in the film's title. So, for example, Wonder Woman would be 'WW' (that's not one of John Williams' films, we're not giving you any for free.)

You have 15 MINUTES. On your mark…