Quarantined opera singer performs Puccini to three suspicious alpacas

9 April 2020, 16:20 | Updated: 10 April 2020, 09:39

Woman sings 'Vissi d'arte' from Puccini's Tosca with 3 curious alpacas

By Helena Asprou

As far as self-isolation performances go, this one is *alpacappella*...

We’ve seen some pretty peculiar clips from musicians during lockdown – but this Portland-based soprano has taken self-isolation singing to a whole new level.

In the video (watch above), we see opera singer Erin McCarthy casually fire off ‘Vissi d’arte’ from act two of Puccini’s political thriller, Tosca, from the comfort of her barn.

But she’s not alone – as McCarthy performs the aria, a team of suspicious alpacas are seen watching on.

Nothing out of the ordinary, of course.

The woolly ensemble – the members of which go by Donatello, Grandma and Ginger – doesn’t seem too perturbed by the sound of their visitor.

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soprano + disgruntled horse

In fact, one member of the herd appears to be enjoying Puccini so much that she interrupts the performance with an almighty alpaca solo (albeit a little pitchy).

The opera singer and vocal coach, who has previously starred in productions of Mozart’s Don Giovanni and The Marriage of Figaro, is currently staying at home on her farm in Newberg due to COVID-19.

Since her clip was shared on YouTube, it’s had nearly 6,000 views, inspiring McCarthy to perform with her other farmyard animals – including a rather disgruntled horse and chicken (see above).

With classical music to keep their spirits high, we’re sure they’re all having a field day...