The Pembrokeshire Murders: what’s the title song ‘Suo-Gân’ in the credits, and who sings it?

15 January 2021, 12:10

By Sian Moore

‘The Pembrokeshire Murders’ is a new true crime drama starring Luke Evans and Keith Allen. But what’s the beautiful lullaby that plays over the credits?

ITV’s latest crime drama The Pembrokeshire Murders hit TV screens at the beginning of the week.

Starring Luke Evans and Keith Allen, the three-part miniseries is based on the book, Catching the Bullseye Killer, which covers the real-life cold case detection of serial killer John Cooper for two double killings in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The show’s credits features an ethereal Welsh lullaby – but what is the haunting song? And who sings it?

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What’s the song over The Pembrokeshire Murders credits?

The lullaby featured at the end of each episode is called ‘Suo-Gân’, which in Welsh simply means “lullaby”.

It first appeared in print around 1800. Welsh poet Robert Bryan copied it from an old manuscript, before adding some of his own words and publishing it in 1905.

You might recognise it from Steven Spielberg’s 1987 epic Empire of the Sun, in which Christian Bale’s character, Jim, sings the familiar melody.

Who sings ‘Suo-Gân’ in The Pembrokeshire Murders?

The angelic voice singing ‘Suo-Gân’ belongs to 13-year-old Cai Thomas, a Welsh boy treble described as “a brilliant young talent” by Classic FM’s John Suchet.

His beautiful rendition of the lullaby has been watched by more than 400,000 people on Classic FM’s Facebook page.

Cai’s pure vocals have also lent themselves to Mozart’s ‘Laudate Dominum’ and the ‘Pie Jesu’ from Fauré’s Requiem, which have a combined four million views across Classic FM’s social media channels.

Cai began singing with the Choir of St Thomas-on-the-Bourne at the age of seven, and released his debut album, Seren, last year.