The ‘La La Land’ theme sounds completely exquisite on harp

25 June 2018, 10:41

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Mia and Sebastian’s Theme, the beautiful Justin Hurwitz composition from La La Land, sounds absolutely stunning on harp.

Before everyone started interminably singing ‘This is Me’ from The Greatest Showman, the Oscar-winning La La Land soundtrack was the Internet’s go-to film for YouTube covers.

Everyone wanted a piece of the magic. There was a multi-track cello cover of ‘Another Day of Sun’, a lovely cello and piano medley and even a full orchestral arrangement, scored entirely by ear.

But here’s something quite special: harpist Rachel Lee Hall has posted a beautifully lyrical cover of Hurwitz’s ‘Mia and Sebastian’s Theme’.

It’s really lovely. Take a look at Rachel’s other videos here.