When does Bridgerton Season 2 come out, and what music will feature?

15 February 2022, 13:04

What music will feature in Bridgerton Season 2?
What music will feature in Bridgerton Season 2? Picture: Netflix

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

Bridgerton has teased its return with a Season 2 trailer featuring Julie Andrews and Jonathan Bailey. But what can we expect to hear from the soundtrack?

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Bridgerton first burst onto our screens with brightly coloured gowns and gossip galore in December 2020.

Now the record-breaking Netflix series is returning for a second season on 25 March, and there’s lots to look forward to in terms of plot, cast additions, and soundtrack.

Bridgerton Season 2 is set to continue following the plot of Julia Quinn’s book series of the same name. As Season 1 focused on the love story of the eldest daughter in the Bridgerton family, Daphne, Season 2 is set to focus on the love story of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton, played by Jonathan Bailey.

Quinn’s novels focus on the love affairs of each of the eight Bridgerton children, and with Viscount Antony having had a clandestine affair with the opera singer, Siena Rosso (played by Sabrina Bartlett), in the first season, we’re excited to see what romantic adventures await the eldest Bridgerton child in Season 2.

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Watch the official teaser trailer for Bridgerton Season 2

What is the plot of Bridgerton Season 2?

Season 2 of Bridgerton centres around the eldest Bridgerton child, Viscount Anthony.

Fans are assuming the season will be based off of Julia Quinn’s book The Viscount Who Loved Me, from her Bridgerton book series. The first season followed the plot of another book from the same series by Quinn, The Duke and I, where like the television show, the central character was Daphne Bridgerton.

While following the Viscount’s adventures, the show will be narrated by Lady Whistledown (Julie Andrews), who was unmasked at the end of Season 1 as Penelope Featherington, played by Nicola Coughlan.

At 29 years old, the Viscount has finally decided that he needs to settle down with a wife and have an heir. But as we’ve experienced from the twists and turns of the first season of Bridgerton, things are never that simple, and the interfering hand of Lady Whistledown is sure to cast a shadow on this next season.

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Bridgerton Season 2
Bridgerton Season 2. Picture: Netflix

What music can we expect in Bridgerton Season 2?

American composer and pianist Kris Bowers will return for Season 2 after scoring the debut series of the show.

Bowers, who also wrote the score to the Oscar-winning Green Book, promised Bridgerton fans in Entertainment Tonight that there would be more string quartet covers of contemporary pop songs in the upcoming series, which were a popular staple during the first season.

The Emmy Award-winning composer also told ET that, “the new love story that we have in this season [focusing on Viscount Anthony Bridgerton] is getting its own theme and that’s been interesting to develop”.

Bowers teases, it was “important to develop something new this season”, leaving fans wondering what type of music will accompany the Viscount’s journey to finding love.

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The Backdrop with Composer Kris Bowers | Bridgerton

In terms of pop covers, Bowers has a few artists he’s hoping to cover in upcoming seasons. While the music supervisor on the show makes all of the executive decisions regarding covers, Bowers told ET the type of music he’d love to see on the show.

“There [are] so many songs [by Moses Sumney] that I would love to hear done in orchestral,” Bowers told ET.

Moses Sumney is a Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter whose music has featured on the HBO dramas Euphoria, Westworld, and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black.

Bowers also wants to see 18-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo covered on the show. “She’s really great. She captured this generation in such an amazing way...” he gushes. “So, I think that having a song by her would be pretty cool.”

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When will Bridgerton Season 2 be released?

The second season of Bridgerton will premiere on 25 March 2022 on Netflix.