Someone is comparing composers to biscuits – and the results are hilarious

23 January 2019, 14:41 | Updated: 23 January 2019, 15:20

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

An A+ music geek has created the perfect Twitter thread, likening composers to biscuits. Mozart’s a hobnob, obviously.

In today’s Twittersphere news, it’s all about this excellent composer-biscuit thread, created by Oxford University academic Dr Leah Broad.

From comparing C.P.E. Bach to an orange leibniz (‘not as good as the original’) to drawing parallels between Scarlatti and a Wagon Wheel (‘there’s just too much going on’), it’s all 10/10 music geekery.

1. J.S. Bach and C.P.E. Bach

2. Vivaldi and Scarlatti

3. Pachelbel and Handel

4. Haydn and Mozart

Oh, and our personal favourite – John Cage:

Visit Leah's Twitter profile to see the full thread