BYRDLE: The choral music parody of Wordle you didn’t know you needed

18 January 2022, 15:47 | Updated: 22 February 2022, 11:44

Musician plays Byrdle
Musician plays Byrdle. Picture: Getty

By Sophia Alexandra Hall

When an Internet trend meets the Renaissance choral music of William Byrd: Byrdle is born.

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The online vocabulary game, Wordle, has taken the world (and everyone's social media feeds) by storm. The game was launched publicly in October 2021, and now has approximately 2.5 million daily players.

There have already been a few noticeable parodies of the free game, all delightfully named as Absurdle, Queerdle, and even Sweardle.

But now there's a musical newcomer on the scene, taking its word of one of the finest composers of the English Renaissance. Behold: BYRDLE.

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Inspired by a post on the “aggressively niche” social media account @QuireMemes, mathematician and singer Robert Brignall coded the idea for Byrdle, and the new fully functional choral guessing game was up and running the very next day.

The word-play game name takes its inspiration from Renaissance composer William Byrd. And much like a delightfully dissonant English cadence, we're lost for words.

Like Wordle, a new word is available every day, and users have six tries within the 24-hours to guess the mystery word.

Unlike Wordle, however, the word will be related to choral music, making the guessing even more enjoyable for like-minded music nerds. We wholeheartedly approve.

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How to play
How to play. Picture: BYRDLE

With 7,000 players on its second day alone, Byrdle is becoming a hit within the music community, and if you’re also a self-professed ‘crazy choral nerd’, we suggest you give it a go too.

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