Another Side to Vivaldi

Proof that there is so much more to Vivaldi than You-Know-What.

Composer: Vivaldi
Repertoire: Violin Concertos in G minor, RV331, in C, RV190, in G minor, RV325, in D, RV217, in G, RV303
Artists: Giuliano Carmignola (violin) Venice Baroque Orchestra/Andrea Marcon 
Rating: 4/5

Genre: Instrumental

Label: DG Archiv 477 6005

This is the first time that any of these five concertos have been recorded. Although they are not works of great profundity, there is enough variety to give the lie to the old joke about Vivaldi writing one concerto six hundred times. The Allegro movements are full of the usual vigour and there is real intensity in the slow movements of RV331 and RV303; the Largo of RV190 is almost turned into a double concerto by an over-imaginative lutenist. Giuliano Carmignola is a knock-out: his use of the technique known as spiccato, bouncing the bow off the string, has to be heard to be believed. Treat yourself!