10 weird and wonderful Beethoven video parodies

9 January 2014, 17:53 | Updated: 11 June 2014, 10:45

The Muppets, Darth Vader, and the creepiest theremin video you'll ever see prove once and for all that Beethoven's music is truly universal. Watch and enjoy, people.

1. Beethoven played by the Muppets

One of the most famous pieces of music ever, performed by a multi-tracked musical Muppet. Not sure how he's managing to get so many notes out of a single timpani, but that's beside the point.

2. Beethoven re-imagined for glass harp

Fed up of Für Elise? Don't worry, this eerie version for Glass Harp may well change your mind. Either that, or make you want to smash things. You have been warned.


3. Beethoven conducted by a toddler

Conductors of the world, beware. This adorable three-year-old kid is after your job. Granted, most of you don't need assistance to go to the toilet, so don't expect your P45 any time too soon.


4. Beethoven… animated

If Beethoven's music was featured on classic 70s game Pong, it might look a little like this. Ultimate geek points awarded to this fascinating animation, bringing Beethoven's harmonies to life series of moving coloured lines and dots.

5. Beethoven in Ragtime

Beethoven's most over-played piano piece, played by a man in dodgy hat? It's not a strong start on paper... but give this one a chance. Bet you've never danced along to Für Elise before, eh?


6. Beethoven meets Chopin

If Beethoven and Chopin ran into each other at high speed to produce the ultimate super-composer, he'd almost certainly write music like this.


7. Beethoven and Darth Vader

The szforzando is strong with this one. It's unmistakably Star Wars, given a Beethoven-esque reworking. As Darth Vader might say: "Impressive. Most impressive. 'Ludwig van' has taught you well."


8. Beethoven played by theremin

Hundreds of expressionless performers? Creepy unison hand movements? And what's with the Russian dolls? This is what a choir of jazz-loving Pokémon performing the final movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony might sound like. Or as we like to call it: 'Odd to Joy'.


9. Beethoven as a Nintendo soundtrack

Ever wondered what Beethoven would sound like when he's the star of his own video game? No, us neither. But this retro Beethoven-inspired SNES soundtrack is probably as close as it comes. Mario and Luigi eat your heart out.


10. Beethoven and the 'best coin ever spent'

When it comes to classical music flash mobs, they don't come much more heart-warming than this. Grab a cuppa, press play, and let the great Ludwig van Beethoven put a smile on your face.