Amalie Sebald (1787-1846) and Beethoven: lovers or just friends?

Beethoven met singer Amalie Sebald in the spa town of teplitz and they quickly formed a firm friendship. Was it Amalie who inspired Eternally Beloved?

Amalie Sebald was a singer from Berlin who met Beethoven in the Bohemian spa town of Teplitz in 1812, when she was taking the waters there with her mother.

Beethoven became very fond of her. When he fell ill in Teplitz she looked after him, bringing him chicken and soup.

Beethoven wrote a series of humorous notes to her from his sickbed.

The obvious affection between them led at one time to Amalie being considered as a candidate for the Eternally Beloved.

But it is clear that their relationship was flirtatious rather than passionate.