This incredible pianist played a Bach masterpiece upside down – and our minds are officially blown

11 March 2019, 16:46 | Updated: 12 March 2019, 15:38

By Helena Asprou

For most pianists, taking on a new piece of music presents a unique set of challenges – but this talented musician has taken things a step further...

As if learning a classical masterpiece wasn't hard enough, one ambitious pianist decided to set herself an even bigger challenge.

Elifnur Karlidag's appreciation for the piano started after taking up music lessons at an early age – and it wasn't long before she fell completely in love with the instrument.

Originally from Bucharest, Elifnur trained for many years in Romania before eventually becoming a composer and professional pianist.

In the video, there's no doubt about her skill as she treats listeners to a recital of Bach's 'Prelude in C Minor'.

But she didn't stop there.

Instead of sitting at the piano like… well, like your everyday pianist, she performs the entire piece while lying upside down and with her hands crossed over.

Good piano posture involves finding the right finger shape, confident wrist action and watching your thumbs – but with Elifnur's rendition of Bach's "Little" prelude, these piano tips take on a whole new meaning.

Minds. Blown.

And she's not the only one showing off. Take a look at this video (and make sure you watch until the end).