A Bach flute sonata - flute and organ, but just one player

5 March 2017, 23:13 | Updated: 7 March 2017, 15:36

Bach from Fluterscooter

Who needs a continuo? The Flautist has both melody and bass covered...

You usually hear Bach's beautiful flute sonatas with a solo flute, and then accompanying basso continuo (harpsichord, chamber organ, cello, and varying combinations thereof).

However a few days ago at the Iowa Flute Festival, flautist 'Fluterscooter' proved she can do it all herself. In her one-person Baroque band of virtuosity, she not only takes care of the elaborate solo lines, but also the continuo part, played on the organ pedals.

Here's the first movement of Bach's sonata in E minor BWV1034.


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