Google created a Bach harmonisation machine, and you can play it here!

22 March 2019, 09:31 | Updated: 17 July 2019, 14:31

By Kyle Macdonald

Search engine giant makes its first-ever AI-powered doodle in an incredible tribute to the Baroque composer.

22 March 2019 marked the 334th birthday of the great Johann Sebastian Bach and Silicon Valley's Google celebrated by creating the world's most advanced Artificial Intelligence harmoniser.

Their 'doodle' allows you to create you own two-bar chorale in perfect Bachian harmony.

Teams at Google analysed 306 works by the great Baroque composer, creating an artificial intelligence programme which can harmonise any melody of your choice. You can even download your completed composition in four-part counterpoint.

You can try the interactive doodle here.

Counterpoint is the way notes move alongside each other in harmony. Bach is particularly famous for the complexity of his counterpoint, often creating incredibly intricate harmonies beneath simple chorale melodies – with beautiful results to the listeners. Here's how it sounds:

Lovely, isn't it?

Watch cellist Yo-Yo Ma perform solo Bach >

J.S. Bach was born in Germany on 21 March 1685, spending his life as a church and court musician, writing over 1,100 works for organ, choirs, chamber ensembles and orchestras. He had a large musical family, fathering over 20 children, several of whom became distinguished composers of the classical era.