Bach: Brandenburg Concertos - Florilegium

All six concertos, played in reverse order. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 10 November 2014.

Florilegium are one of the UK’s finest baroque ensembles and here they present their unique take on Bach's familiar Brandenburgs

Each of the six concertos calls for a different combination of soloists but, since they were never meant to be performed as a continuous set (which would have side-lined most of the players and exhausted the audience), their order is not so important. 

Here Florilegium go in the reverse order to what we normally hear, so that each piece adds to the number of players. 

This is consummate music-making that reflects the players' evident joy with this repertoire. And by adjusting the order and instrumentation, Florilegium has given us a particularly fresh and vibrant sounding reading.