Bach: Brandenburg Concertos - St Luke's Chamber Orchestra

A mixed review of St Luke's Chamber Orchestra's rendition of the renowned Brandenburg Concertos from JS Bach.

Composer: JS Bach
Repertoire: Brandenburg Concertos
St Luke’s Chamber Orch
Rating: 3/5
Genre: Orchestral
Label: St Luke’s SLC 0302

Modern instruments at early music speeds and today’s bright pitch characterise this new own-label account of Bach’s orchestral masterpiece by one of America’s leading chamber ensembles. No.1 is a little plump and the resonant bass-line occasionally swamps, but there is an irresistible exuberance, especially in No.3’s finale. No.1’s horns are buoyant with golden tone. No.2’s tiny, tight trumpet soars with clarity, while No.4’s silver transverse flutes coo sophisticatedly.