Bach: Orchestral Suites - Ensemble Sonnerie

A bright new recording of Bach's Orchestral Suites from Ensemble Sonnerie.

Bach's four Orchestral Suites are among his most famous works - not least because of Suite No.3, which includes the 'Air on the G string'.  On this new recording from Ensemble Sonnerie directed by Monica Huggett, we're given the chance to hear them in a new light.

There's a theory going that although we hear these works performed by relatively large orchestras nowadays, they were actually composed for a much smaller group of musicians.  Ensemble Sonnerie opt for a sparser version here, aiming to recreate the original line-up.

So how does it sound?  It's certainly a different take on these much-loved tunes: really fresh, lively, and full of spirit. Some people are bound to love it - while others might miss the bigger, majestic experience of a full orchestra.