Watch Lang Lang and PSY perform 'Champion' at the Asian Games

26 September 2014, 14:22 | Updated: 26 September 2014, 14:36

Lang Lang and PSY put on a fantastic rendition of the Korean pop star's hit 'Champion' at the Asian Games in Incheon.

'Champion', as any fan of 1980s action comedy films will know, samples 'Axel F', the electronic instrumental theme tune from Beverley Hills Cop. A decade later it found a new audience as a mobile phone ring tone. Lang Lang's take on the popular tune was banged out with the flamboyance we've come to expect from the Chinese pianist superstar.

The collaboration between Lang Lang and PSY is not quite as unlikely as it sounds. Lang Lang had been vocal about his love of the YouTube rap sensation since Gangnam Style's release in 2012, even threatening to perform the piece at the Classic BRIT Awards 2013.



PSY in turn has previously suggested he'd find it amusing to see Lang Lang hopping around the dance floor, performing the famous horse-riding dance.

In the end, Lang Lang was not caught on camera performing the Gangnam dance. But the classical-K-Pop duo were photographed together after the performance. Here's hoping for more of this kind of thing.

The Asian Games is the second largest international games after the Olympics. This year's event, the 17th Asian Games, runs from September 19th until October 4th, featuring 439 events in 36 sports and disciplines.