Shchedryk Children’s Choir

Heart-wrenching tones of Kyiv children’s choir, silenced by Russian invasion, finally shared with the world

Jacob Collier turns his audience into a choir

Incredible moment Jacob Collier turns his entire concert audience into a choir

Musicians rush to take shelter after an air raid siren interrupts their concert

Ukrainian orchestra rushes inside as air raid siren disperses open-air concert in Lviv

Engineer fills grand piano with water

Engineer fills his piano with water and climbs inside it like a swimming pool

Classical composers in one epic mashup

A musical genius has combined famous classical composers in one mash-up

Chopstix, the talking piano from Edelweiss

Self-playing piano can speak English, sing and play the world’s most fiendish melodies

A string quintet performs in an underground train station being used as a bomb shelter

Kharkiv residents soothed by classical music in underground festival as war continues in Ukraine

Violinist Nicola Benedetti accompanies real Ukrainian refugees’ stories with a soaring solo

Violinist Nicola Benedetti accompanies real Ukrainian refugees’ stories with a soaring solo

‘Bob Marley & The Chineke! Orchestra’ Album

Bob Marley’s greatest songs reimagined as contemporary orchestral works in new Chineke! album

Denys Karachevtsevis a cellist and citizen of Kharkiv

Ukrainian cellist plays solitary Bach suite in abandoned bombed-out streets of Kharkiv

Stanislav performs his country’s national anthem

Ukrainian choir boy receives standing ovation after singing National Anthem in “really special moment”

Amelia Anisovych performs in Poland

7-year-old Ukrainian refugee sings heart wrenching national anthem in Poland, after fleeing Kyiv

Bach in the Berliner Dom

Organist’s thundering Bach ‘Toccata’ played in Berlin Cathedral is a terrifying experience

Sasha Grynyuk and Roman Kosyakov play Mozart

A Ukrainian and Russian pianist play a Mozart duet: ‘with music, you become connected’

Symphony orchestra and choir of the Odesa Opera House

Ukraine orchestra and chorus perform ‘Va, Pensiero’ outside opera house in powerful cry for peace

Ukrainian violinist Illia Bondarenko is joined by violinists from 29 countries

94 violinists play alongside young Ukrainian soloist stuck inside a bomb shelter


Chihuahua dances Swan Lake routine at Crufts

Surprisingly graceful chihuahua performs ‘Swan Lake’ ballet routine at Crufts dog show