Lizzo asked someone to do a ballet routine to ‘Truth Hurts’ – and this dancer DELIVERED

30 August 2019, 11:24

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When Lizzo asks... you deliver.

Lizzo, the rap artist and twerking flautist, is taking the world by storm alongside her esteemed woodwind companion, Sasha Flute.

Heck, the The Guardian even wrote an article pretty much crediting her with 2019’s ‘woodwind renaissance’.

So, when the fabulous Lizzo asks something of her fans, they very much deliver.

Lizzo tweeted the world on 20 August, requesting – nay, demanding – that someone do a ballet routine to her empowerment anthem, ‘Truth Hurts’.

Enter Conor McKenzie, a young ballet dancer from North Carolina, who delivers a flawless ballet routine in time to the song.

Lizzo reposted the video, saying: “I’m in love.”

There are squats en pointe, there are high kicks, splits, twerking, pirouettes… it’s everything we could hope for.

We deserve no talent so great as Conor or Lizzo’s.