Ballet dancer pirouettes in mid-air, suspended by only her hair

7 September 2020, 16:45 | Updated: 8 September 2020, 16:15

Ballet dancer spins in mid-air suspended by her hair
Ballet dancer spins in mid-air suspended by her hair. Picture: YouTube / Home made videos

By Sian Moore

This wasn’t what we meant by a hair-raising performance...

Ballet dancers are known for their elegance, grace and poise.

And somehow, one ballerina managed to maintain all those things while dancing in mid-air, suspended by her hair.

In the video below, a talented dancer – whose name remains unknown – pirouettes and twirls like a professional as her super strong locks keep her lifted from the ground.

Anyone else suddenly have a headache coming on?

Ballet Dancer Spins in Mid Air Suspended By Her Hair

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It seems the ballet enthusiast somehow tied her hair to a fitting, on a beam outside her house.

And while it’s an incredible sight to behold, we imagine she was quite relieved to get her feet back on solid ground.

Impressive, but perhaps not one to try at home. Could wind up in a bit of a hairy situation.