Watch these violinists play in the most unusual ways

Sometimes, playing the violin is boring on its own. What better way to spice it up than add some mortal danger, bendy bodies and spangly costumes?

Meet Baron Buika

Over his head, behind his back, two violins at once… nothing is too hard for the incomparable Baron Buika. And he just looks SO HAPPY.


Salut Salon tumble through the Four Seasons

We're absolutely bowled over by the ingenuity here. Salut Salon's competitive and dazzlingly athletic take on the Four Seasons will leave you breathless.


The incredible Willie Hall

He's something of a forgotten physical comedy genius - just look at this ingenious clowning, all while wearing some of the best shoes we've ever seen.  Oh, and full marks for inventive use of a bicycle pump.


Hanging off some weird curtains playing Vivaldi

It's just what Antonio would've wanted. Have a look at Janice Martin's impressive upside-down violin playing as she dangles precariously from the drapes. Don't try it at your mum's house.