10 things they never told you about playing the violin

9 December 2016, 17:23 | Updated: 6 January 2017, 14:45

violinist fingers

Thinking of learning the violin? Great! But be aware...

1. The general public don’t know the difference between a violin and a cello, or any other string instrument


2. You are required to do strange things in the name of your profession



3. Your fingers will look like this

violinist fingers

(via flickr)

4. You won’t be Sherlock



5. The social complexities of having a desk partner is next-level dramatic

But if you fight, it’s usually forgotten pretty quickly. Love you desk partner.


6. If you ever see a violin being destroyed, a small part of your heart will die

Prepare yourself:


7. This tiny gesture will undermine everything you stand for

It’s not a tiny violin. AND WHAT DOES IT EVEN MEAN IF IT WAS?


8. When you join the violin section in an orchestra, you’re effectively in a gang

And as such, people will be slightly intimidated by you and your connections.


9. For the first two years of learning your instrument, you'll sound awful


10. You will also learn some of the greatest repertoire in music

And you’ll be able to play it in style: