Violinist’s bow hairs FALL OFF mid-performance, but she carries on like a pro

20 November 2017, 16:39

A violinist was smashing through some epic Kreisler music, when her bow suddenly had enough. This is every string player’s nightmare...

At first, all seems well. Violinist Maria Eikefet is onstage, giving a totally virtuosic performance of Fritz Kreisler’s ‘Tambourin Chinois’ – but then, the bow hairs on her instrument decide to completely pop out on a particularly exuberant down-bow flourish.

However, as the entire stretch of hairs falls off her bow and onto her instrument, she barely seems to notice, and somehow manages to carry on playing for another five bars.

Now THAT is how you cover up a mistake onstage. We don’t envy the person who had to re-hair that bow, though...

Maria is part of Ensemble Allegria, who can be found on Facebook. Watch their promo video here, and get their new Mozart and Schoenberg album on Spotify.

Now, here’s a cellist majestically recovering from a hilarious bow fail: