This saxophone quartet arrangement of the ‘Wii’ theme is the geekiest throwback ever

29 January 2018, 17:24

By Amy MacKenzie

These saxophonists’ arrangement of the Wii Mii channel theme is super geeky, and we absolutely love it.

Remember when the Nintendo Wii first became a thing? As soon as one of your mates got a hold of one for Christmas, you'd all gather around and spend HOURS creating your perfect Mii, even if it took you twelve eyebrow alterations to get it just right.

(It was a big deal, okay?)

These four school kids must have perfected their Miis if they've had time to put together this irresistibly catchy arrangement of the Wii Mii Channel theme.

And on that note, we're off to go make a Mii of John Suchet and Margherita Taylor...

Find the original video on Loiyskye's YouTube channel.

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