Try not to laugh at these LOLing saxophones

8 February 2018, 12:02

Ever wondered what it might sound like if a saxophone got the giggles? Well, this is basically it.

The Moanin’ Frogs are a saxophone sextet, who like to challenge their instruments to create new noises and play exciting arrangements.

‘Laf’n Sax’ is a piece by composer Edward C. Barroll, which sounds like, well... a laughing saxophone.

Most of the laughing is played by the soprano sax, but the final chuckle is passed all the way from the soprano down to the bass instrument.

If you’re already feeling a bit giddy, don’t listen to this – you’ll be corpsing for hours.

Get The Moanin’ Frogs’ new album here, and check out their arrangement of Flight of the Bumblebee below...