This guy made a flute out of his dad’s walking stick

18 January 2019, 14:27

You can make a musical instrument out of pretty much anything – a stick of bamboo, a blade of grass or even a carrot. But check out this enterprising musician, who managed to make a flute out of his dad’s walking stick.

By removing the bottom half of both a walking stick and a flute, flautist Zac Zinger (what a stage name!) creates a brand-new instrument that he plays a bit like a recorder.

He slots the two upper parts together and uses the small holes in the walking stick to change notes. The sound then comes out like a slightly airier flute.

Zac explains that the idea came about when his dad had an operation. “My dad just had hip surgery and is getting around with a cane. But I think I found a better use for it.”

Dedicated to his dad, Zac called his tune ‘Song For My Father’. Aww.

For more videos, check out Zac’s Facebook page.

And in case you didn’t believe us, here’s exactly how to make a recorder from a carrot: