18 memes that will define your life as a music student

31 January 2019, 17:38 | Updated: 15 March 2019, 09:45

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

Constantly struggling to find a practice room? Music taking over your ability to lead a normal life? These memes will be a balm for your weary soul.

  1. When it’s a Monday morning and literally every practice room is full

    Women's toilets
    Picture: tumblr/violinfemmes
  2. Entering your sight-reading exam like

    Key signature
    Picture: tumblr/official-contrabassoon
  3. When literally anything is better than practice

    Need to practise
    Picture: Anon
  4. I believe in aeolians

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  5. When your music director starts talking...

    Student part
    Picture: Amy Deavers
  6. Auditioning for a part like:

  7. When even your sheet music starts picking up on your anxiety

    Picture: ThatBassoonist
  8. When music starts taking over your love life

    Picture: Anon
  9. Knock

  10. When this amusing list becomes your cold, harsh reality

    True musician
    Picture: Classic FM
  11. Because every self-respecting musician knows you don’t pay attention to one circle

    Circling it
    Picture: Anon
  12. This is you

    Normal person
    Picture: Classic FM
  13. When your sheet music is never on your side and it hurts

    Picture: Instagram/orchestra.humor
  14. When you can’t stop cracking under pressure

    Me at a lesson
    Picture: Anon
  15. Non-music people just don’t understand you

    Cello case
    Picture: Classic FM
  16. Even listening to the radio presents problems

    Picture: Anon

    Music major
    Picture: Secret Stradivarius
  18. Accurate. *silently fist pumps*