This countertenor has found an amazing hack for hitting a top C

26 July 2019, 13:15

Does this mean opening a bottle of wine every time you want to sing with a relaxed jaw…?

Spanish countertenor Víctor Jiménez Díaz has discovered a hack to relax your jaw and expand your vocal range.

The hack involves taking a wine cork and placing it between your lips while singing.

With the cork in his mouth, Víctor is able to relax his jaw and reach from a bottom F sharp (two F sharps below middle C) to a high soprano C.

“Someone has asked me how to force our jaw to keep relaxed […],” Víctor says on his Facebook page.

“This simple exercise that I have learned at conservatoire from soprano Anna M. Ollet with a bottle cork will force your jaw and muscular annoying tension, to be off during your singing.

“Even if you never had jaw problems it is a fantastic exercise to verify that we are not installing bad vocal habits and also a great one to unify the registers. It is only space and air guys. Never forget to be relaxed, tension and force must never be invited to this party.”

Well, it’s certainly innovative. Wine not try it at home?