Here’s what Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture would sound like with LYRICS

20 April 2018, 09:40

Cannon fire, crashing cymbals and brass fanfare: here’s what the deafening orchestration of the 1812 Overture finale would look like in words…

Tchaikovsky’s thundering 1812 Overture was recently voted the nation’s favourite piece of classical music for the first time ever, in the Classic FM Hall of Fame – so naturally, it has since attracted some excellent cover versions and graphic illustrations.

This exceptional music geek has translated the overture into actual lyrics, giving a human voice to the epic percussion in its finale.

The lyrics include ‘budadada bum bum bum bum BAAAAA’, ‘dong dong dong dong dong’ and ‘tekekekeke’.

It’s very catchy. Someone do this for Beethoven’s Fifth?

Video credit: Splitting Productions