Mozart - Violin Concertos 3,4 & 5: Arabella Steinbacher/Daniel Dodds/Festival Strings Lucerne

Superb artistry shines through this excellent new release. Classic FM Drive Featured Album, 5 May 2014.

Born in 1981 to a German father and Japanese mother, the violinist Arabella Steinbacher has had a relationship with Mozart's violin concertos since she studied her first at the age of eight.

"In Mozart one must always make sure that it's powerful, but at the same time never sounds aggressive and that the sound always remains beautifully pure and almost angelic," she has said.

Steinbacher says that Mozart's concertos connect her with her childhood and have opened many doors to her becoming one of the world's most exciting and successful violinists. Her skill and artistry is especially evident on this album.

Here she tackles Mozart's third, fourth and fifth concertos and brings to each of them her extraordinary technical command of the instrument and versatility, switching effortlessly from fiery passion to heartfelt lyricism.