Grieg/Moszkowski: Piano Concertos - Joseph Moog

Classic FM Album of the Week, 15 June 2015, after 10am

One of the world's finest young pianists is back, this time championing a piece that has fallen into neglect alongside an evergreen favourite.

The piano concerto by Moritz Moszkowski (1854-1925) is an unjustly forgotten work. It overflows with memorable tunes and is very skilfully constructed. It doesn't seem likely to join the pantheon of great and timeless piano concertos - of which the Grieg is certainly one - but it is brilliant nonetheless and Moog gives to the work's brilliant, fluid writing his own strong sense of style and melody.

The Grieg is so familiar it's hard to give the listener something new, but Moog is on excellent form, showing off his huge virtuosity and panache.