10 reasons why Tony from West Side Story is the most perfect man ever

3 October 2018, 11:28 | Updated: 3 October 2018, 11:31

By far the sexiest character in a Bernstein musical, this guy has long played a part in our teenage dreams. Great voice, bad-boy past, dreamy cheekbones - here's why Tony's the perfect manly musical package.

1. As ex-leader of the Jets, he’s a total badboy 

Smoulder at us again, Tony. 

2. …but also gets crazy emotional after one kiss 

Calm down, Tones, you're not in a musical!! (Oh wait, you are...)

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3. He’s a sassy dancer

Who doesn't love a bit of finger-clicking goodness?

4. He wears sexy old-man jackets

Who would've thought that a thrift-shop mustard blazer could make you melt?

5. He’s not scared off by Maria’s scary Puerto Rican dad


6. He’s super impulsive

Can we come too?

7. He doesn’t care about racial boundaries

21st-century man

8. His face does super sexy things when he sings

Dat smile.

9. He’s a total pacifist

Don't ruin your pretty face, Tones!

10. When he died, so did our teenage dreams of ever finding a perfect man to sing to us on a balcony with our parents downstairs

(Actually who are we kidding, that’s still totally our dream.)

Us too, Maria, us too.