Lost Beethoven sonata to be premiered

19 October 2012, 11:00 | Updated: 19 October 2012, 12:51

A previously unheard Beethoven piano sonata is to be performed on Sunday in Amsterdam's Concertgebouw.

A new completion of a Beethoven piano sonata will receive its world premiere this weekend in Amsterdam. Musicologist Cees Nieuwenhuizen's reconstruction of the music is being performed by pianist Martin Oei this Sunday at the Concertgebouw.

The sketch, taken from the 'Kafka' Sketchbook, comprising more than 1100 bars of original music, was published as a fragment around 1970. The original sketch gives an insight into Beethoven's early piano music, and contains ideas used by Beethoven in his later works: the first movement begins with a motif used in the 'Presto' of his Symphony No. 7, and the second movement bears great resemblance to the opening bars of his Sonata No. 23 in F minor.

Classic FM's resident Beethoven expert John Suchet said: "It's absolutely great news that a recently discovered, previously unknown piano sonata by Beethoven is to get its world premiere. Beethoven's in the news yet again! This man will always be in the news until the end of time. There is still so much to find out."

The sonata, nicknamed 'Early Pastoral', resembles Beethoven's other famous piano music, including the Moonlight Sonata and the Sonata Pastorale. You can see the score here.