Litolff - Concerto Sinfonique No. 4 in D minor

It's his most famous piece, but there's more to Henry Litolff than just the Scherzo of this piano-accompanied symphony.

The famous scherzo from Litolff's Concerto Symphonique No. 4 is a bracing, devilish affair for the piano and a particularly nimble orchestra. There's even something of the music hall about the skipping piano line, but don't be deceived - this is a real challenge for any pianist.

It seems almost unfair that Henry Litolff's compositional legacy should be confined to this one piece, but he can rest safe in the knowledge that his very own 'Litolff Editions' of romantic and modern classical music are still in use today. What's more, and if anyone needed convincing of his pianistic credentials, he was the dedicatee of Liszt's first piano concerto. How's that for a recommendation?