Latest Bach News

Bach pancake

Someone made an impossibly well-sculpted J.S. Bach pancake and we are mightily impressed

Huge xylophone plays Bach

Giant handmade xylophone plays Bach in the depths of a serene Japanese forest

György and Márta Kurtág Bach duet

This 90-year old couple play Bach together and it will bring tears to your eyes

JS Bach and Princess Eugenie

J.S. Bach given a boost among under-35s thanks to Princess Eugenie

This incredible pianist played Bach upside down

This incredible pianist played a Bach masterpiece upside down – and our minds are officially blown

Jacques Loussier

This Bach fugue captures the pure musical genius of the late Jacques Loussier

kid quartet playing bach concerto

This incredible string quartet of kids can basically play anything

Glenn Gould and the score for the Goldberg Variations

Glenn Gould's score of Bach's Goldberg Variations to be auctioned in New York

Lady Gaga Fugue

The epic Baroque Fugue on a Theme by Lady Gaga

Bach and wife Anna Magdalena

Did Bach’s wife write some of his best-known works?

Beatboxing Kevin cello

Beatboxing to Bach’s Cello Suite is the most incredible display of multi-tasking

Bach from Fluterscooter

A Bach flute sonata - flute and organ, but just one player

Bach St Matthew Passion

One picture that sums up a powerful response to terrorism and violence

peter gregson bristol proms bach

A simple, beautiful performance of Bach's Cello Suite No. 1

string quartet and ballet dancers

What happens when ballet dancers bump into a busking string quartet?

Elephants dancing violin Bach

Elephants dance to a violinist playing Bach