Video game pro uses a piano as a controller, completes ‘Minecraft’

8 July 2020, 10:07 | Updated: 8 July 2020, 10:49

I Beat Minecraft Using ONLY a Piano

By Helena Asprou

The ‘key’ to this guy’s success might be that he had 88 of them...

An Australian gamer has defied all the odds by completing Minecraft with a portable piano.

To accomplish his mammoth task, he first modified the piano keys to fit the game’s controls and recorded his mission, before sharing the clip (watch above) with his 181,000 followers.

In the caption, Jachael123 said: “This video is what my nightmares sound like... For some reason after I beat the game on my other channel, a bunch of people wanted to hear what the piano actually sounded like, so I went ahead and put this together.”

Suffering for his art, he continued: “It was an absolute pain to put together mainly because of how much the note clashes hurt my ears, but nonetheless I hope you enjoy!”

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Developed by Mojang Studios, the sandbox adventure video game Minecraft takes players on a 3D journey where they can craft tools, build structures and defeat computer-controlled mobs.

Since its release in 2011, it’s become the best-selling game of all time – and now popular YouTuber, Jachael123, has (somewhat incredibly) beaten it using nothing but a MIDI keyboard.

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In a Reddit thread, our Minecraft maestro revealed the entire saga took him just seven and a half hours to complete on the black and white keys, including learning how to use the controls.

This is not the first time Jachael123 has combined his love of video games and musical instruments – previously, he’s fused the song ‘Sweden’ (which appears in Minecraft) with piano sounds from another smash hit, Fortnite:


Excellent work.