7-year-old asked to describe her opera singer dad’s job gives the cutest response

5 July 2022, 21:47 | Updated: 5 July 2022, 21:49

Zoe Brownlee's homework
Zoe Brownlee's homework. Picture: Lawrence Brownlee

By Maddy Shaw Roberts

When young Zoe Brownlee was tasked with describing her operatic tenor dad’s job, this was her particularly wholesome response.

Singing can be an elusive profession. What do opera singers actually do all day? Where do they work? And why do their voices wobble so much (if you’re curious, Catherine Bott has the answer to that here)?

But when tasked with describing her operatic tenor father’s job, seven-year-old Zoe Brownlee wrote a rather sweet answer.

Zoe, the daughter of American operatic tenor Lawrence Brownlee, was asked to “interview a parent or family member about their job in our community”.

Writing in the first person of her dad, she wrote: “I am an opera singer. I work in an opera house. At my job I use my voice, acting and languages.”

She also drew a lovely picture of him singing on stage at an opera house.

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The best part? In response to “My job is to…”, young Zoe wrote: “Sing high notes”.

Well, she’s not wrong…

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