This stunning video of a Harlem ballet company dancing to Bach will give you goosebumps

22 October 2020, 18:47 | Updated: 22 October 2020, 19:15

Dance Theatre of Harlem Company
Dance Theatre of Harlem Company. Picture: Dance Theatre of Harlem Company

By Kyle Macdonald

Thrilling choreography set to a Bach violin concerto, to celebrate the historic New York suburb of Harlem.

Masks on, Bach playing, and a dance company sharing the magic of movement and togetherness. This is something very special.

In the summer of 2020, the Dance Theatre of Harlem company created this beautiful combination of ballet, music and the streets of New York's iconic superb, steeped in history and culture. The video was made to celebrate Harlem Week 2020.

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In a year when coronavirus has made our streets deserted of people and activity, and our communities quieter, the sight of this dance company bringing everything back to life is especially poignant.

Dancing Through Harlem

Dancing Through Harlem was produced by Derek Brockington and Alexandra Hutchinson, choreographed by Robert Garland and filmed by Heather Olcott and Joe Samala. What a stunning result. Bravo one and all!

Harlem is a neighbourhood of New York City which occupies a large part of northern Manhattan, and has for decades been one of the most important places of the African American cultural movement. For over a century, it's been a vibrant place for culture and the arts, starting with the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s and since becoming a focal point for jazz, hip hop and creatives through the 20th century and beyond.

We love the vibrancy and vividness when great dance takes place on the streets and everyday settings. It puts us in mind of last year’s fantastic viral moment from Hong Kong Ballet, as well as this striking video from São Paulo, Brazil, set to music by composer David Chesky:

David Chesky - THE ABREU DANZA No. 5